Release Notes

0.2.0 (released 2015-01-12)

  • Added documentation (Scrapy Seed Loaders+Tests+Examples) (8e5f60d)
  • Refactored backend tests (00910bf, 5702bef, 9567566)
  • Added requests library example (8796011)
  • Added requests library manager and object converters (d6590b6)
  • Added FrontierManagerWrapper (4f04a48)
  • Added frontier object converters (7da51a4)
  • Fixed script examples for new changes (101ea27)
  • Optional Color logging (only if available) (c0ba0ba)
  • Changed Scrapy frontier and recorder integration to scheduler+middlewares (cbe5f4f / 2fcdc06 / f7bf02b / 0d15dc1)
  • Changed default frontier backend (03cd307)
  • Added comment support to seeds (7d48973)
  • Added doc requirements for RTD build (27daea4)
  • Removed optional dependencies for and requirements (c6099f3 / 79a4e4d / e6910e3)
  • Changed tests to pytest (848d2bf / edc9c01 / c318d14)
  • Updated docstrings and documentation (fdccd92 / 9dec38c / 71d626f / 0977bbf)
  • Changed frontier componets (Backend and Middleware) to abc (1e74467)
  • Modified Scrapy frontier example to use seed loaders (0ad905d)
  • Refactored Scrapy Seed loaders (a0eac84)
  • Added new fields to Request and Response frontier objects (bb64afb)
  • Added ScrapyFrontierManager (Scrapy wrapper for Frontier Manager) (8e50dc0)
  • Changed frontier core objects (Page/Link to Request/Response) (74b54c8)


First release of Crawl Frontier.